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Llewellyn Smith is the market leader in providing compliance based services to domestic energy efficiency installations.

These compliance services are an integral part of the Government’s Energy Companies Obligations (ECO) scheme, which are broadly defined as pre and post installation compliance reports.

They are specifically known as Chartered Surveyors Reports, which recommend an energy efficiency measure to a household, and Technical Monitoring, which is a post install quality, compliance and safety inspection. The company offers these services on a national basis in the United Kingdom.

The way we operate, or our culture, is reflected in our vision and core purpose, and through our behavioural-based core values.

Vision statement

To improve the energy efficiency of domestic properties in the United Kingdom helping to reduce the effects of climate change.

Vision statement

Our mantra

To provide UK energy efficiency customers with the most professional compliance inspection service: Assess, Act, Deliver.

Our mantra

Core values

The way we carry out our work at Llewellyn Smith
is based upon our behavioural core values.
These align with our mantra helping to
create culture.

Our core values

Core values

The foundation of the company’s values are based upon Honesty, Respect and Integrity. Without these three, there are no relationships and no organisational growth. These values are part of a person’s character.

Sound judgement and the values of Commitment, Reliability and Openness, encourage individuals to make decisions for themselves.

Success is measured by productivity in conjunction with a High Quality service. This is achieved through levels of Professionalism.

Our values of Teamwork and Positivity are essential for the company to deliver its objectives, which results in positive self-esteem and happiness.